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Course Price - ₹999 ₹721
Sign up before today 12 am and get it for only ₹721/-

Master the 21 steps to success that will help you win high-ticket clients by solving high-ticket problems

  • Freelance graphic designers
  • Graphic designers who want to transform themselves into brand designers
  • Have worked on atleast one commercial projects as a graphic designer (not mandatory but added advantage )
  • Learn from successful case studies executed by Vivek & his team as well as students to get real life industry insights
  • Freelance branding projects
  • Visualiser with an advertising agency 
Course Price - ₹999 ₹721
Sign up before today 12 am and get it for only ₹721/-

Here is what you will learn

Brand Building Process

Learn the universal process for building a brand

Defining Strategy

The idea comes first, design later!

Designing Identity

All about creating a distinct and cohesive visual identity

The Applied art of management

Creativity is good, creativity on time is better!

The Pitch

Because it is important to sell your idea!

Along with the above, 

you also get a Free Brand Indian Kit worth Rs 1,121/-

Preset email template

Case study format 

Scope of work 

Invoice & estimates

The ice-break e-book

Standard brand guidelines template

Course Price - ₹999 ₹721
Sign up before today 12 am and get it for only ₹721/-




No of Videos

10 Videos

(Precorded Videos)

Live Sessions


9:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Meet the Coach

I am a problem-solving designer, a brand strategist, and a creative entrepreneur. Being a founder of Vgyapun, I am also the co-founder of Evogue Media LLP – a brand consultancy focused on building brands for MSMEs and startups. My mission is to give people the power to build better brands by equipping them with the right knowledge and resources.

-Vivek Hiralal | @mr.brandindia21



The stage comes in everyone's life when the work exceeds your personal bandwidth and you have to understand the art of delegation and developing seamless processes to make sure the projects are done timely with required creative quality control. Vivek helped me with his own blue-prints and I am happy to be able to service my clients better.

Pratik Shejwal
Co-founder New Old Media

If I could say one thing that I learnt the most from Vivek would be,  as a designer how important it is to sell your idea and concept if you truly believe in it. I am able to communicate better with clients now and also make sure that my creativity helps a client in selling their products/ services!

Sukanya Kadam

The significance of soft-skills from email etiquettes to a pitch, Vivek did make me realise how it is our fault and not the client's fault if we are not able to communicate clearly with them. Now I am able to work with my clients as their partner and not a  vendor in their brand-building process.

Krish Daiya
Advertising Professional

The course really helped me go beyond the sessions. The daily assignments were challenging and helped me improve so much.

Rhea Sehgal
Course Price - ₹999 ₹721
Sign up before today 12 am and get it for only ₹721/-

Designers/ Freelancers have achieved massive results for themselves!


How does this work?

Once purchased, you get access to recorded videos. Everyday we have a live doubt solving session so that you can clear the concepts better. 

Do I get to learn softwares like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop?

No, this course is focused on industry level fundamentals & other topics apart from tools. We have dedicated courses specific to softwares

Do I need to be a graphic designer to take this course?

Yes, that will help you grasp better. However if you are exploring and planning your career in the fields of graphic design and branding, this course will give you a right jumpstart

Why should I be a brand designer?

Here we are trying to encourage graphic designers to be problem solvers. 

Should I know sketching or be from a fine art background?

Not necessarily, but an added advantage 

How much of it is pre-recorded and how much is the live?

We have 5 recorded videos with 1hr content each with 1hr doubt-solving and interaction session everyday 

How are the live sessions conducted?

The live sessions are conducted via zoom & co-ordination happens on the training exclusive whatsapp group 

Do we get a certificate?

The course is not an accredited one but yes we do provide a digital certificate 

Is it a lifetime access?

Yes, you get the lifetime access of the recorded videos 

What is the language used?

Hinglish, a natural combination of hindi and english because we don't want language to be the barrier 

Success Stories


Course Price - ₹999 ₹721
Sign up before today 12 am and get it for only ₹721/-

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